January 24, 2011

January 24th, 2011


Contrary to first glance, this is NOT a shark.  This is a freaking huge barracuda that swam up alongside our boat when we stopped by Culebra (a small island off the east side of Puerto Rico) yesterday and bloody well refused to leave us alone.  

We found the shark later, when we were snorkeling.  If I had to describe it, it would probably come off sounding like this:

(I have an enormous fear of sharks.  I am not ashamed of this.  Underwater toothy death is a perfectly reasonable phobia.)

But actually, the shark looked more like this:

It was kinda cute, actually.  If you have to meet a shark snorkeling in open water, might as well be a nurse shark.

What makes me laugh is my boyfriend's family was insisting there were no sharks in these waters - guess I proved them wrong.


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